A cold winter? Adjust.

Upper Coast ForeCast / December 2014– January 2015

All the predictions for the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015 are that it’s going to be an extremely cold winter. If  that’s true, we are going to have to start thinking more about deep water channel fishing which is not done very often in our area.


Learning how to fish drop-offs can be extremely challenging but also very rewarding. Lucky for us, the invention of all the new electronics should make it easier to zero in on the depth the fish are at. Side scan and remote control troll motors with GPS technology are taking a lot of the guesswork out of fishing. Still, the most critical part of deep water fishing is finding the exact depth. As all the bass guys know, suspended fish are the hardest to catch.


Always count your line down and make sure you pay close attention to exactly what you were doing when you got the strike as presentation is always the most important part of filling the ice chest. If you are not lucky enough to have all the high tech stuff, turn your depth finder so that you can see it while running your troll motor to stay on the drop-offs. Making sure to have proper clothing “layered”can sometimes be the key to catching more fish, as it’s a lot easier to concentrate when you’re not freezing.

Good Fishing—Capt. Ralph Frazier  281-337-0321 Written for The Coastal Conservation Association of Texas Newsletter – Fishing Forecast