Different Angling Techniques


There are many different types of fishing techniques—hand fishing, spearfishing, netting, etc. Most recreational fishers prefer to use the angling method to catch their fish. In angling, you make use of a hook—otherwise known as an angle—and a line that may or may not be weighed down by a sinker. Learn more about the different subtypes of angling below.


Line Fishing

Line fishing is a subtype of angling in which you use a fishing line. Length, weight, and material of a fishing line can vary. Fishing lines are rated differently in regards to breaking strength, knot strength, stretch, UV resistance, visibility, castability, and several other factors. Depending on what environments you are going to be fishing in and what line fishing method you will be using, you may want to use different kinds of fishing lines.


The following are common line fishing methods:

  • Droplining
  • Handlining
  • Jigging
  • Longlining
  • Slabbing
  • Trolling
  • Trotlining



Angling with a Rod

Using a fishing rod can give a fisher greater control of the line. Fishing rods usually have a reel that will store your line and allow you to wind and unwind it. Rods also give the added bonus of using floats to alert when a fish has bitten and dressing the hook with lures or different kinds of bait.


Angling with a rod allows you to use the following fishing methods:

  • Bank fishing
  • Casting
  • Float tubes
  • Fly fishing
  • Rock fishing
  • Surfcasting


Additional Angling Methods

There are other types of angling methods that don’t necessarily fall into either section above. These methods are:

  • Bottom fishing
  • Ice fishing
  • Kayak fishing
  • Kite fishing
  • Kontiki fishing
  • Boat anglers
  • Remote control fishing


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